Helmet Headsets

Helmets are increasingly mandated aboard SOLAS vessels and are widely used on fast response craft.

The defacto UK ‘standard’ is PAS028 which has been ‘provisional’ since 2008. It is not, despite many people thinking so, a ‘British Standard’, rather a Provisional Application Specification (PAS). Which means, just that.

Many international users refer to impact safety and swift water certification.

Each helmet style has pros and cons. And whether the U.S. Coastguard helmet has PAS028 or not is academic when it comes to it’s proven safety and providence.

Each user will choose a helmet that best suits their own operating needs. (Though may national agencies tend to favour helmets manufactured within their borders, this is likely national interest rather then safety related)

Whatever the end users helmet choice we can integrate communications.

We only ever use Acetal, Brass & Stainless Steel in construction. Unlike other headsets, ours won’t rust!