The choice of microphone on any headset is crucial. The headset is there for you to communicate. If you can’t talk, and be heard clearly. You may as well not bother.

Most radios will work with both Dynamic (Moving coil) and Electret (Electrostatic) microphones.

It quickly became apparent that the microphone in a headset needed to differ form the standard radio manufacturer’s built in, or accessory mic.

Our standard microphone is a 1.5-10V 2K Ohm -43dB Noise cancelling electret cartridge with a voice attuned frequency range, coupled with a small capacitor to remove high pitch noise and occasionally an inductor to remove low frequency noise.

We can provide dynamic microphones down to 5 Ohm and electret down to 300 Ohm as dictated by potential use.

So when we ask you what the headset will be used for, we’re asking to help you choose the right microphone.

Noisy environments such as helicopters need a certain type if microphone. PWC users, another. FRC crew, another. Rescue Swimmers another. Oil Rig deck crew another. You get the idea, it’s an important question to ask.

Rest assured that the microphone will be waterproof and held in front of your mouth by an Abeillon 6mm brass & stainless steel gooseneck that can’t rust, so won’t rust.