Neptune Wireless Intercom

When crew communication is essential and crew need the freedom to move about on deck, or perhaps talk to their launch tractor or davit operator. Then wireless is the way to go.

There are many wireless intercoms available on the market. Some great, some not so much.

We use IP100 ROIP technology, it’s secure, encrypted and you can’t just grab another unit and ‘join
in’ without you adding that facility on the web interface. Similar to the way your phone or tablet might join a known hotspot, your wireless intercom¬†will automatically join it’s host.

Unlike bluetooth systems which try to pair with your phone, instead of their base station. Usually at the worst time!

2.4 or 5Ghz frequencies are used and swapped automatically to give you the best signal at any time.

We can provide headsets to IP100 units, or the entire system integrated into a helmet, so you can just ‘grab and go’.13522915_995967737183608_368405043208797325_o12374984_879761672137549_4277084089354142313_o