Neptune Wired Intercom

10314753_899908813456168_3610318984168707364_n12646709_901944746585908_8218987347919075532_o In situations where crew are seated and concentrating on RT and navigation, a wired system is ideal. We only use Nexus non latching plugs and sockets, so if you ever need to use the kill cord, you can be assured your headset will break way preventing any injury.

Wired intercoms can interfaced to as many onboard radios as you like. So you can monitor crew comms, VHF, MF, HF, TETRA all from one headset with selectable PTT on each radio. No more grabbing gthe right fist mic to talk on the right radio.

Whilst we have components ‘on the shelf’ we build intercom systems from scratch, asking detailed questions and often surveying the craft before build to ensure we get everything ‘right’.